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Sometimes we all need a little perspective, when the day-to-day is all we have time for it can be difficult to see around the corner, re-think, or reimage. But all organizations need innovation, while staying true to mission. Our team will help you through facilitated brainstorming, and action planning to drive results. We can walk with you through challenges, and help you focus on the solutions.

Benefits You'll Reap:

  • Clear and actionable strategic plans
  • Innovative solutions to real-world challenges
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Enhanced team engagement and buy-in
  • Sustainable growth and success
  • Stronger employer brand and talent attraction
  • A more innovative and adaptable organization


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Vision & Mission Realignment:

Refine your vision and mission statements to reflect current realities and future aspirations

Innovation Workshops:

Facilitate creative brainstorming sessions to generate impactful new ideas and solutions.

Strategic Culture Development:

We work collaboratively with you to define your desired culture and develop a roadmap to achieve it. This includes aligning your culture with your mission, values, and business goals.

Change Management:

Guide your team through organizational changes smoothly and effectively.

Employee Engagement Initiatives:

We implement engaging programs and activities that foster connection, communication, and a sense of belonging among your team. This includes team-building events, recognition programs, and opportunities for professional development.

Leadership Development:

We equip your leaders with the skills and tools they need to create a positive and supportive work environment. This includes training on communication, conflict resolution, and coaching techniques.




"Heather was so good at engaging my whole team and making our session both informative and fun as we learned each of our strengths in the work place and how to apply them as a team."

— Paul E
Enquire Digital

"The Clifton Strengths were very eye opening in how we relate in the workplace "

— Jazmin E.

“Heather was a huge help in seeing that the personality traits that I thought were weaknesses were actually strengths! Through our work together, I recognized lifelong tendencies that I could harness to be more effective, both in my work and personal life. Highly recommend!”

-Melissa Q

“Heather has helped me articulate and implement some of our ideas into strategic, measurable goals. Heather always takes the time to understand my desired goals and needs and helps put a plan into action. We enjoy seeing continual growth in our leadership team using Heather's Leadership Development and coaching services. Heather's role in our company has allowed us to scale much faster and more efficiently than we had previously before meeting her.”

-Cat Dobbs, Owner Delivering Hope

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