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Teamwork takes work. We have solutions to help optimize your team performance. We have both packaged solutions and customized training options for leadership development. Through our intake process, we'll work with you to pinpoint areas for growth and define your vision for success.

CliftonStrengths - 20 years as a practitioner 

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach 


  • CliftonStrengths (also known as StrengthsFinder) is a leadership development assessment developed by Don Clifton while he was chairman of Gallup, Inc.  Test takers are presented with paired statements and select the option they identify with best, then receive a report outlining the five (or 34) strength areas they scored highest in, along with information on how to apply those strengths.[1]

Certified Coach Since 2017 

Utilizing CliftonStrengths for 20 years  

Applications: Team-building, Individual Development, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 


Extended DISC® - 8 years
Certified Trainer
Most popular applications: Leadership development, sales training, team building, communication skills training, customer service training, executive coaching, career development, stress and time management, and self-awareness development, candidate screening.

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments worldwide that can be customized to your unique needs and applications. They measure an individual’s hard-wired DISC style – NOT what they think or want to be – creating the most accurate starting point for development.

Applications: Leadership Teams, Individual Development pathways, Emerging Leadership Programs


The Leadership Challenge 17 years

Leadership framework for leaders at all levels. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® is based on the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Its evidenced-based model, which has stood the test of time, will help your people grow, inspire, and develop into effective leaders regardless of their title. 

Applications: Leadership Teams, Individual Development pathways, Emerging Leadership Programs

Conflict Communication 

Utilizing a combination of methods and resources. We help you and your leaders get comfortable with difficult interactions, feedback and conflict communication. 

Effective Workplace Culture

Sr. Leadership teams who need to revisit and create a culture that brings out everyone’s best

Train the Trainer: Adult Learning Training and Facilitation for Team Development.  Using our approach developed over a decade and utilized today in hospital, business, and manufacturing environments this training focuses on developing the hard workers who have been awarded supervisor or managerial positions due to their hard work and knowledge but may not have been exposed to how to train or manage their team.  


Keynote/speaking and presentations: 

Customized Keynote and speaking presentations that are engaging and fun to address your objective!  We provide speakers who can deliver engaging and impactful presentations to:

  • Groups and organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Corporations
  • Trade groups
  • Non-profits
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Curches


Custom Courses: 

We often develop custom curricula for our clients to meet their specific goals and outcomes.  Sometimes this starts with general consulting to help identify the desired outcomes you need to grow your business, team collaboration, or increase morale.  



We provide facilitated strategic planning, organization culture planning,  professional development, and program planning, tailored to your business's unique needs.


"Heather was so good at engaging my whole team and making our session both informative and fun as we learned each of our strengths in the work place and how to apply them as a team."

— Paul E
Owner Enquire Digital

"The Clifton Strengths were very eye opening in how we relate in the workplace "

— Jazmin E. 

“Heather was a huge help in seeing that the personality traits that I thought were weaknesses were actually strengths! Through our work together, I recognized lifelong tendencies that I could harness to be more effective, both in my work and personal life. Highly recommend!”

— Melissa Q,

“Heather has helped me articulate and implement some of our ideas into strategic, measurable goals. Heather always takes the time to understand my desired goals and needs and helps put a plan into action. We enjoy seeing continual growth in our leadership team using Heather's Leadership Development and coaching services. Heather's role in our company has allowed us to scale much faster and more efficiently than we had previously before meeting her.”

— Cat D
Owner, Delivering Hope LLC

“Heather from Coeur Solutions has been a game-changer for us at Canvas Church. Her training, coaching, and consulting brought clarity and traction to our team. With tailored approaches, practical tools, and inspiring sessions, she helped us begin to leverage our strengths. Heather's coaching style is both supportive and challenging, encouraging each individual to reach their potential. Her consulting insights have been instrumental in navigating the challenging waters that come with leading a church. We appreciate her dedication and passion. If you want an expert who challenges your thoughts and brings results, Heather is the ideal partner for you and your team.”

Nate Day

Executive Sr. Pastor, Canvas Church 

“When I was promoted to a supervisory position, I wanted to gain as much leadership skills as possible to be an effective leader. Heather sent me the Clifton Strengths Assessment which was quick and easy to complete. It gave me invaluable information on my top strengths, as well as how to best utilize them in a manager role. Heather also met with me to explain my top strengths further and help clarify any questions I had.”

Mandolyn G. 

School Principal 

"I never realized how; the things that bring me such success professionally - could restrict my personal relationships.  Especially as someone whos #34 strengths is empathy.  Coeur Solutions helped me in these "blind-spots" to significantly grow my EQ and to be there in a more sincere way for my team!  Thank you Heather!!!  You've been an invaluable resource!”


International Business Development Expert

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